Monday, July 27, 2009

Cash Flow Kings

Who are they? Are they the ones who buy residential properties and lease it on to an individual on a year to year basis and hope that they are good tenants that pay their rent on time every month for the duration of their lease?
At the beginning of each month, do they go to the tenant to collect a check, or maybe they get it in the mail?
Some tenants are real good, but I did hear about some nightmares out there. At the end of the lease, normally one year later; they would have to spend money to clean up the property, do the repairs and get it ready for the new tenant hoping they don't have to pay a commission to get a new tenant.
This works well for some investors but not for a cash flow king, if the property was bought at the height of the market, they are probably looking at a negative cash flow, short sale or possibly even foreclosure.
Let us consider cash flow, what is it ? How can you make your cash flow for you? What do you think? Tell me your thoughts then stay tuned for my views and opinions.

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